Osi Affiliate

Enjoy our products? Receive a free bottle of our best-selling Athlete Digestive formula when two new customers you refer place an order!

  • Put in your information to create your referral account
  • When you select ‘Start Referring”, you will be redirected to your referral account Dashboard
  • On your dashboard, you can copy the link provided to share with your friends and family, or create your own link to reccomend a specific product.
  • You can share the link in an email, text, or social media caption with your product testimonial.
  • On your dashboard, you will be able to track when someone clicks on your link, how many sales have been made through your link, and how many rewards you’ve earned. 

We are growing fast because our customers are spreading the word. Now we want to return the favor to everyone that has helped us. Start getting free product today!

Refer & Earn

Please provide us with the following information to get started: